Chief Secretary’s Message on the occasion of Divali 2022

Divali comes as a salve to restore our spirits after recent weeks of hardship for many citizens of our island, and wider country. Even as we continue to face challenges from crime, climate change, and other quarters, we find solace in knowing that the forces of good inevitably prevail. Though darkness seems powerful, it concedes to light; despair topples to hope; and ignorance fades in the presence of knowledge.

This is a powerful message for us to keep in our hearts and minds as a people. It is a crucial reminder that a bright side always exists for us to reach towards, regardless how dire our current situation seems. With this mindset, we refuel our tanks of courage and optimism, strengthening ourselves for the present journey and the one which lies ahead.

More than feeding our spirits with hope and positivity, Divali also contributes to a strong sense of togetherness among our nation. Here is a festival that unites an overwhelming majority of Trinbagonians, where citizens, communities, and the corporate sector, all do their part to mark this sacred occasion alongside our Hindu brothers and sisters. Truly, Divali is a powerful unifier of our people, an example of the light we emit when we transcend our differences.

Now, is also an apt time for us to have discussions surrounding areas such as wellbeing and prosperity, which form part of the thematic scope of Divali. In order to build the promising future we so deeply desire, we must make a concerted effort to prioritise our personal and communal welfare. This calls for a stronger sense of community, awareness, and social infrastructure, among other factors. When the people thrive, we increase the possibility of creating not only a more prosperous nation, but a happier and more fulfilled one as well.

So for Divali 2022, I urge us all to rekindle our light, to ignite the spark in one another, and to pass on the warmth throughout T&T.

Shubh Divali to the Hindu community and citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago!

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