Chief Secretary Extends Condolences on the Passing of Winston ‘Mighty Shadow’ Bailey

Chief Secretary Hon. Kelvin Charles extends condolences to the family and loved ones of the late Winston Bailey better known as ‘Mighty Shadow’, who passed away in Trinidad today (October 23).

Mr. Bailey who grew up in Les Coteaux, Tobago with his grandparents, began singing from a very young age.  His talents and competence in the calypso and soca arena afforded him the privilege of capturing titles such as Road March winner, Calypso Monarch winner and International Soca Monarch winner with hits such as “Bassman”, “I come out to play”, “Scratch Meh Back” and “Stranger”.

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles says, “The musical genius of the ‘Mighty Shadow’ will certainly be missed.  He was loved by many and his music appealed to a wide cross section of society spanning classes and ages.  Trinidad and Tobago has lost another cultural icon who championed a successful career in the performing arts.”

Mr. Charles encourages Tobago and by extension Trinidad and Tobago, to remember the family and loved ones of the late Winston ‘Mighty Shadow’ Bailey in prayer, even at a time when the country is still dealing with much emotional and physical trauma, as a result of the floods.  He says this time calls on us as a nation to demonstrate unrestrained love, unity and camaraderie, if we are to triumph through it all.

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