Capacity Boost

The expanded ANR Robinson International Airport will be able to receive up to three million passengers per year.

This was revealed during Friday’s (April 5) stakeholder meeting, hosted at Rovanel’s Resort, Store Bay Local Road in Crown Point, by project manager NIDCO (National Infrastructure Development Company).

At the meeting, NIDCO informed residents about the scope of the project, and the compulsory land acquisition process for affected residents. The plans for the project have been adjusted, meaning the land to be acquired has been reduced from over 80 acres to 53 acres, which means fewer residents will be impacted by the project.

The project will include the construction of a new terminal and several other upgrades, including an expansion of the tarmac and a new car park. Two of the major areas of focus for the project are ensuring sustainability and minimising environmental impact.

Speaking on the land acquisition process, NIDCO vice president of engineering and programme management, Steve Garibsingh, explained that it will include the issuance of legal notices, and also land surveys, valuations, negotiations and settlement.

“Section Three legal notices have been published, served and advertised in the newspapers. That exercise was completed on April 1,” Garibsingh said.

“We wish to start the cadastral survey field work on April 10 and complete that exercise by the end of June. In July, Section Four notices would be published and served and valuation [and] negotiation settlement begins.”

Residents had the opportunity to share their suggestions and concerns during the meeting. The means of compensation was one of the main issues raised.

Environmental consultant Shane Ballah revealed that a policy is being drafted that will ensure that each property acquired will be handled on merit.

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