UN to share information on grants, services with Tobago

The United Nations (UN) provides advice, training and grant support to assist developing countries, and is seeking to make its services more accessible to Tobago.

Recently, officials from the United National Information Centre (UNIC) in Trinidad visited Tobago to meet with Chief Secretary Orville London on Friday (20 March) to discuss how the organisations can work together to share information with Tobagonians.

UNIC director Juan Miguel Diez said there are a number of UN projects that can benefit Tobago.

Diez said: “(We would like to partner with the THA) so we can engage in more specific activities aimed at audiences in Tobago, because we’re very keen about developing projects with development and climate change for example throughout the year.”

“Our main objective in being here is to engage in strategic communication about the United Nations as an organisation, but mostly about the issues on the UN Agenda. So what our office does is it tailors communications, reaches out to the media but also reaches out to other audiences through means like education.”

Diez said the UN also hopes to learn from Tobagonians in the process. The organisation is hoping that a greater presence on the island will highlight areas where assistance is needed.

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