THA Chief Secretary commends the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities

THA Chief Secretary
Chief Secretary Orville London
Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary, Orville London has commended the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities for what he termed “the efficient and timely delivery of projects geared towards the protection of the integrity of the island’s roadways and the security of the residents, especially the children.”

London noted that in recent months, the Division had constructed or were in the process of constructing retaining walls in each of the communities of Mt. Grace, Idlewild and Orange Hill, along with further retaining walls at Zion Hill and Coco Watty, at an approximate cost of ten million dollars ($10m.).  The Division has also indicated that within the next three months, construction will start on retaining walls in the Delaford, Speyside, Charlotteville, Bloody Bay, Castara and Parlatuvier communities.

London added that the construction of sidewalks leading to the Signal Hill Secondary, Bishop’s High School, Harmon SDA and Roxborough Secondary Schools will enhance the safety of the students travelling to and from these institutions.

London also reported that the Division is playing a pivotal role in the recovery process after the Tomas incident and with the number of retaining walls to be built and other reconstruction work to be done, the total cost could be close to fifty million dollars ($50m.).

He cautioned that the recovery exercise has many phases and that it will be many months before work is completed on some of the massive retaining walls and other major road infrastructural works.

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