Infrastructure Development in Tobago

Infrastructure & Public Utilities Secretary, Hilton Sandy.
Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU) Secretary Hilton Sandy said there were setbacks in starting repairs on five bridges in Lambeau due to unforeseen circumstances, including the death of the contractor and a crane being inoperable. Work on the project is to commence on March 9th.

Speaking on another project during the weekly Post Executive Council briefing, Sandy said the tender for the development of the Roxborough Administrative Plaza has been evaluated by the Tenders Board, however “a decision could not be taken because there is not a board in place now with UDeCOTT. The UDeCOTT board has the final say on the contractor. We must wait on the board and a board is not in place.”

He indicated that once a contractor is chosen, the THA Executive Council would then make a decision about moving forward with the project. The complex will house offices for the various public utilities bodies.

Sandy indicated that all the development programmes under the DIPU’s current portfolio would continue. “Persons employed on those projects will continue to be employed. There’ll be no layoffs of workers on those projects. Not in DIPU, not in URP or CEPEP. What is going to happen, we will not look to take on new persons at this time.”

He said employment levels would be retained until the Finance Secretary reviews the THA’s finances and issues instructions on whether the Division can engage new persons on other projects. He noted that any new projects to be started would have to be discussed with the Finance Secretary and dealt with based on levels of priority.

During the briefing, Sandy indicated that the portfolio of the DIPU’s newly-appointed Assistant Secretary, Assemblyman Handel Beckles, would include the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) and public utilities.

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