Condolences on death of Thomas Sobers

Thomas Sobers and his wife Euthilda Sobers.
The Secretary, Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus and staff of the Division of Community Development and Culture, extend deepest condolences to the wife, Mrs Euthilda Sobers, family, relatives, friends and neighbours of the late Thomas Sobers.

Mr Sobers of Riseland Settlement, Bethel, was born on the 28th February 1913 and passed at the ripe age of 100 years old.

In keeping with the Division of Community Development and Culture’s thrust to honour our centenarians and senior citizens, we recognize and celebrate the life of Thomas Sobers.

Husband of Euthilda, (who is 89 years old), father of five (5), grandfather of eleven (11) and great grand- father of ten (10), the late Thomas Sobers was the first centenarian to be honoured by the Division. Soon after, on July 4th 2013, the Centenarian Awareness and Award Programme was launched at the John Dial Community Centre.

Thomas Sobers left his mark and a rich legacy for fellow Tobagonians. He is said to have been instrumental in the formation of what is known today as the Bethel Credit Union, in which sixty-three years later, he continued to be a member.

Thomas Sobers is also credited with establishing Sobers Lodge, which served the people of Tobago, first as a Church venue, later as a School and still later as a Health Centre.

The late Mr Thomas Sobers was a stalwart Tobagonian, Husband, Father, Uncle and Friend and the Division of Community Development and Culture joins in honouring and paying tribute to his 100 years of life spent as a fellow Tobagonian and the valuable contributions made to the Island’s history and development.

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