Beautifying Scarborough

THA Chief Administrator Dr Ellis Burris has promised a more beautiful and attractive Scarborough during the new four-year term of the Assembly.

“We are trying to ensure that Scarborough becomes a beacon in the Caribbean. We are coming in last as a town and we have learned from all our mistakes that have been developed and carried out in different areas and in different countries so therefore we are combining and trying our utmost to bring that synergy that is required for the better development of Tobago,” Dr Burris said in a recent interview.

The head of the administrative arm of the Assembly added: “We are continuing to do development in Scarborough. We hope that all those small shacks in town could be changed into more improved buildings. We are working with the business association to lift Scarborough a little better.”

He said the population can expect better roads, better development in Scarborough, business development, improved port, improvement at the airport, improvement in education, greater emphasis on tourism and all those things that will make Tobago look better.

“Think it, name it and the Assembly would try its utmost to achieve it,” he stressed.

Dr Burris said one of his priorities in this new term would be the payment of funds owing to Assembly customers. He said this should be dealt with immediately once there was money in the allocation. “If you don’t pay these bills small suppliers and contractors could suffer significantly and for a better Tobago there was need for suppliers and contractors to be paid immediately to ensure that the business industry continued to develop and grow.

Dr Burris said employees of the Assembly should come out and do their best in the environment where “we expect better for Tobago, people have to become more committed and don’t run off from work leaving tasks that are not well done, they must be a little more committed and dedicated to the operation of themselves and the Assembly of which they are part of”.

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