THA budget discussions set for November 26

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Legislature will meet on November 26 at 10 a.m. to discuss adjustments to its Fiscal 2016 budget.

The plenary session will allow the Assembly to report its changes to the budget, which would reflect the Assembly’s parliamentary allocation of $2.772 billion, or 4.4 percent of the national budget. The THA had requested $3.3 billion for Fiscal 2016.

On Wednesday (November 11, 2015), Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Administrators, accounting executives and accounting officers had a day-long meeting at the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex, Scarborough, to determine their budgetary priorities for the current fiscal year.

London said the meeting was held because the THA is “committed to providing value for money and there was a need for this preliminary discussion”, especially in challenging financial circumstances.

He added: “We realise that if we are to deliver at the level the people of Tobago demand, it has to be a collaborative effort, and therefore the political decision-makers and the administrative staff would have to work hand in hand.”

The Chief Secretary is “confident that coming out of this particular exercise, we would be able on the 26thof this month to go to the House to report to the people of Tobago what they can expect from us in 2016”.

He added: “We would be able to do so with a great degree of confidence that the resources are likely to be available and that we are in a position to have a kind of action that would have effective delivery.”

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