Praise for Happy Haven School

The Happy Haven School, which caters for children with special needs, has been singled out for praise.

The Prime Minister’s Charity Golf Foundation recently hosted a health fair at the school (May 1), aimed at providing support to those with special needs, and strengthening social inclusion. Dawson Mohip, the chairman of the Foundation, said the school left a lasting impression.

“I am so impressed with this school. I’ve [visited] many schools but I think this is one of the best kept schools I’ve seen. Its children who really cannot help themselves very much and it’s impressive,” he said.

Mohip believes providing added care for those in society who need it is an important responsibility.

“The Prime Minister’s Golf Charity is about trying to take care of people with whatever limited funds we have, who are in most need,” he stated.

During the event, healthcare services were provided including eye testing, blood pressure and cholesterol testing.

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