‘Pop-Up’ Success

Tobago businesses took full advantage of the Easter long weekend, hosting “D’ Creative Easter Pop-Up Shop” at Revs Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar on April 20-21.

They’ve declared the event—hosted with support from the Tobago House of Assembly—a success. And one business owner said the initiative provided more than just exposure.

“I’ve actually found people that could enhance my business as well,” said Ostra Trotman of Mersha’s Body Delectables.

“[People] who I could collaborate with and work together with that could enhance my business. So it’s a good thing for entrepreneurs, and we hope that we have more of these pop-up shops over the year.”

She hopes more events like these can take advantage of peak tourism periods.

Coordinator of the Pop-Up Shop Avien Thomas, founder of the Osanie Brand of handbags and accessories, said it was a good event for existing and new entrepreneurs.

“We have so many vendors, so many local persons doing so many great things, and people don’t really know, so I created this platform to bring them together so they can network with their customers,” Thomas said.

“They can network among themselves because a lot of us, whatever business we have could help the other person’s business.”

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