Lack of WASA infrastructure hurting Tobago

A lack of major infrastructure from the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has contributed to the water woes Tobago is currently facing.

This was stated by Chief Secretary Orville London, who spoke on the issue at the weekly media briefing at the Administrative Complex, Calder Hall. Areas most affected by the water shortage include Plymouth, Turtle Beach, Mt.Grace, and Charlotteville.

Residents have been hard-hit by the problem, while the Tobago House of Assembly has also heard complaints from hotels and other facilities across the island, including Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Only yesterday (August 5th), London said, two hotel owners contacted him because they are “experiencing significant fallout” due to lack of water.

Guests are even threatening to leave the island, he stated.

“We know that we’ve had a long dry season and this is just the start of the rainy season,” the Chief Secretary said, “but I think we need to put in place the type of infrastructure that will guarantee that we are in a position that we could treat with any challenges coming from the weather.”

The issue is even more difficult because there is limited infrastructure for water on the island.

“The desilting of the Hillsborough [Reservoir] is something that’s been talked about for years; nothing has happened. The well exploration initiative—it is only recently within the last six months or so that efforts have been made to accelerate that. And even an adequate distribution network has not been put in place.”

London said the THA will have talks with WASA to ensure that the required infrastructural work gets done.

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