Interruptions in ANRR International Airport Runway Works for Easter and Jazz Weekends

The Office of the Chief Secretary confirms that the runway maintenance works scheduled to take place at the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (ANRR) from March 06 to May 05, 2018, will be interrupted during the Easter weekend and the Jazz weekend to accommodate the easy flow of visitors to Tobago.

This was a collaborative decision made by Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, general manager of Airports Authority Hayden Newton and chief executive officer of Caribbean Airlines Garvin Medera, in recognition of the important role that these two periods play in the tourism calendar of Tobago.

Mr. Charles said that he is mindful of the challenges being faced by the Tobago business community at present and would prefer to avoid situations that can further worsen and negatively impact the tourism sector and the economy of Tobago.

Further communication will be provided after a meeting is held with the key stakeholders of the tourism and business community.

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