Housing initiatives move forward

Secretary of the Division of Settlements and Labour, Huey Cadette.
More than 70 town houses are scheduled to be completed within the next ten (10) months at Adventure Phase II.

The Division of Settlements and Labour has three major housing projects at Adventure Phase II, the Courland Housing Development and Belle Garden Phase II, undertaken by the Division to address the housing needs of Tobagonians.

Secretary of the Division of Settlements and Labour Huey Cadette said that the 40 town houses are scheduled to be completed by September 2013 with the remaining 38 town houses to be completed by January 2014 at Adventure Phase II. Work commenced at the site in November 2012 “in terms of zone 1 of phase II,” Cadette said. He said the Division’s long-term plans for Adventure Phase II included building additional town houses and an apartment complex.

Work at Courland began last November. At the end of the project, the Division will deliver “116 service lots that with be distributed with all the utilities,” Cadette told the media at last week’s Post Executive Council Briefing. The lots will have all the necessary amenities including sewer and water lines. “We’re earmarking October of this year for the completion of those 116 service lots,” Cadette said.

Work at Belle Garden Phase II commenced in October 2012. Cadette said that the Division was looking to deliver 45 service lots in the same model that exists in Courland. “The person will build their own home upon receiving the lot, but of course they will receive all the amenities attached to it in terms of utilities.”

Cadette said block work had begun at Adventure Phase II on some of the units. He indicated that the site clearance had been completed at Courland and the Division was awaiting WASA’s approval on the design for the running of the sewer mains. “We’re hoping by the end of the month that we will be able to have those designs so that we can begin work on the installation and construction of those sewer mains,” he said.

“At Belle Garden, the initial site clearance has been completed and the next step will be the awarding of contracts to persons who will be required to construct the utility corridors and the sewer lines,” Cadette said. He noted the Division was awaiting some final approvals from the Emergency Management Agency and WASA for Belle Garden.

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