Division of Education Strongly Condemns Acts of Violence by Students

The Division of Education, Innovation and Energy is deeply concerned about the levels of violence being displayed by some of the secondary school students and young persons in Tobago.

It has come to the attention of the Division that an incident involving one former student and one current student of Signal Hill Secondary School, occurred on the compound of Signal Hill Secondary School today. The incident involved the attempted intrusion of the former student who was in possession of a weapon, onto the compound.

Security personnel at the school responded immediately and activated security protocols. The school was locked down and particular areas isolated, which eventually led to the intruder being apprehended outside the compound of the school.

Chief Secretary and Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy, Hon. Kelvin Charles says, “This level of misconduct will not be tolerated at our institutions of learning. Young persons and the general public must be aware that our schools are not thoroughfares for violence and the greatest level of order and decency are demanded and expected on our compounds.” Mr. Charles added that educational institutions in Tobago continue to be committed to best practices and the promotion of overall excellence from staff and student fraternities.

Schools Supervisor 111 Mrs. Sherry-Anne Rollocks-Hackett has confirmed that this incident along with the recent incident involving the assault of a young man on the premises of the Scarborough Library, are currently under Police investigation.

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