Chief Secretary: Ferry situation top priority

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles is assuring Tobagonians that everything possible will be done to ensure cargo transport to Tobago will not be adversely affected by the recall of the Super Fast Galicia vessel.

Charles has spoken to Minister of Works and Transportation Rohan Sinanan on the issue, who has indicated that interim plans are being made to ship bulk cargo to the island once the vessel is removed from the route.

A stakeholders meeting is also scheduled for Wednesday (April 5) to further discuss the ferry service.

The Chief Secretary said the Tobago House of Assembly will treat the issue as a “top priority”, and will keep the public informed as the situation progresses.

“I do understand that there will be public concern due to the withdrawal of the Galicia,” Charles said. “This matter is a top priority and measures are being put in place to treat with our cargo transport needs in the short term.”

The Tobago House of Assembly will continue to monitor the situation closely, and of course to update the public as the process moves forward.”

The THA acknowledges the public concern over how Tobago is affected by the critical cargo ferry service and is working with stakeholders rectify the situation.

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