Amplifying Netball Talent

In Trinidad and Tobago the netballing talent has declined in recent decades. However, it’s making a comeback on both islands as programmes such as the recent NetGo workshop held in this country is helping young netballers to make progress.

NetGo is an initiative of Netball New Zealand, the sport’s governing body for that country, which has partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association, and other regional bodies, to boost the game in this part of the world.

The workshop series was facilitated by South Africa-born Irene Van Dyk, a New Zealand shooting great and 2003 World Champion.

“We the Tobago Netball Association welcome this initiative,we saw it advertised in Trinidad and there was no mention of it in Tobago and we were wondering if persons could have gone down and when Bridget Adams called and said that they are going to have it in Tobago,we grasped that opportunity to be part of the organizing of this,” Van Dyk said.

In Tobago, the workshop benefited both coaches and players differently through drills, coaching advice and other techniques.

The sessions took place at the Shaw Park hard courts.

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