Made in Tobago

Cupboards, dining room tables, bookcases, desks—if you’re looking for high-quality furniture, these are among the products that can be locally-made at the Unemployment Relief Programme’s (URP) Furniture Workshop.

“The first point of contact will be visiting the Furniture Workshop at the URP Compound in Shaw Park, where persons can speak to the office manager Kim Romeo, who’ll determine if it’s a standard or customized request. We offer our customers some customization, whether it’s the type of lumber, size, the finish, or the color being used,” URP Programme Coordinator Abigail Daniel said.

She said persons can start the process to obtain new furniture by visiting the URP Compound Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or contacting 639-1287 ext. 44500 to submit a request.

“You’ll then make the payment at the Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex, obtain a receipt, and bring it to our office. Then we begin making the furniture.”

The Programme Coordinator indicated there were plans to utilise an online payment system. In the meantime, the Furniture Workshop continues to add value to the lives of individuals as well as our island’s institutions. The Back-to-School Assistance Programme recently delivered 158 desks to the Signal Hill Secondary School, improving the school’s furniture assets.

“We provide cost-effective furniture…In as much as the prices continue to go up for raw materials and so on, what we do here is subsidize where the labour cost is concerned. We are in the process of assisting a lot more schools,” URP Training Facilitator/ Supervisor Dalton Baird said.

The furniture created through the Furniture Workshop also means less import from foreign manufacturers. So, if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable furniture, support the URP as they’re making a lasting contribution to the development of Tobago. URP is part of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development.

From left, URP joiners, Che Arnold, Selvin Duncan and Granville Gordon sit behind desks they constructed for the Signal Hill Secondary School (2022).
The ‘Cypress Lullaby Crib’ with side drawer, URP Furniture Workshop (2021).