Wildlife Nature Park for the East

A new facility in the East is being proposed as an eco-attraction: the Lure Wildlife and Nature Park.

Goldsborough is the proposed home for the first-class wildlife nature park attraction. Secretary of Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries Hayden Spencer said the nature park will utilise indigenous features such as waterfalls, rivers and the landscape of 140 acres of the Lure Estate.

“The entire Lure estate is approximately 382 acres, comprised of rich biodiversity, indigenous wildlife, waterfalls and the Goldsborough River. The upper part of the Goldsborough River Basin is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, and the lower end is the reserve of the Goldsborough landmark,” Spencer said.

He indicated that a feasibility study was underway for the initiative, which will enhance biodiversity conservation and encourage better use and sustainability of Tobago’s wildlife and natural resources.

In addition, the project will help “generate new employment opportunities via six cross-sector linkages: agro-tourism, adventure tourism, biodiversity conservation, eco-tourism, cultural heritage tourism and research tourism. Thus further improving the livelihoods and economic well-being of the Tobago community,” Spencer added.

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