Vocational Students Graduate

Use your newfound skills to make your vision for your life come true.

That’s the advice outgoing students from the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour’s Vocational Skills Training Programme got recently from Community Development Secretary Marslyn Melville-Jack.

The students graduated from the 2018 cycle of the programme at Shaw Park Complex on Wednesday (October 10).

During her address at the ceremony, Melville-Jack encouraged the graduates to use their new skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship will allow you the freedom to pursue your own vision, the control and flexibility over your time, the opportunity to grow and improve your skill and the sense of pride and fulfillment in accomplishing your goals,” the Secretary said.

This year, there was a notable increase in enrolment for the programme. More than 1,000 entrants participated in the classes, up from roughly 700 in the previous year. A total of 54 classes were conducted, including 42 evening classes, at community facilities across the island.

This programme is geared towards equipping Tobago residents with an employable skill in areas such as mixed craft, garment construction and cake decoration.

New programmes will be offered in the 2019 cycle. Greater emphasis will be placed on areas such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, eco-tourism and textiles, with some courses providing CVQ certification. The new cycle will begin in January.

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