Tobago not under threat from ‘Kick ‘em Jenny’

Tobago is not currently under any threat of a tsunami resulting from activity by submarine volcano “Kick ‘em Jenny” near Grenada.

Information from the UWI Seismic Research Centre indicates that the volcano, which is located eight kilometres north of Grenada, began to show signs of activity early this morning. The threat level for Kick ‘em Jenny is currently at orange, which indicates a highly elevated level of seismic activity. It also means there is a possibility that eruption of the volcano may begin within 24 hours.

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is assuring the population that at present, there is no serious threat from the volcano to the safety of the Tobago public. There is also no immediate threat of damage to Tobago’s coastline community at this time.

TEMA is also advising that officials are currently monitoring the activity of the volcano, and will alert the public to any changes in its status. The public is advised to keep monitoring their radios as well as the TEMA’s Facebook page and Virtual Vision App for updates on the situation.

In the unlikely event that Tobago may be affected by any emergency associated with the volcano, TEMA will issue warnings using its Solar Powered Multi- Hazard Early Warning Systems and emergency personnel will be placed on standby to respond.

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency is also assuring the public that today’s cancelled 1:30 p.m. sailing is in no way connected to Kick ‘em Jenny’s seismic activity. This has since been confirmed by Port Authority officials.

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