THA dealing with illegal vending

Illegal vendors in Scarborough continue to feel the pinch as the town is being cleared of people plying their goods on the streets illegally.

Secretary of the Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment (DAMME) Godwin Adams said authorities are looking at ways to curb the practice.

“We will continue to make all efforts to have vending taking place where vending is supposed to take place, which is at the Scarborough Market,” Adams stated. “There is a law which debars these vendors who are doing illegal works from plying their trades outside of the market,” Adams saidduring the weekly Post Executive Council media briefing at the Calder Hall Administrative Complex.

The Secretary said he was deeply concerned about illegal vending. He added that he was told by several legal vendors in Scarborough that they “are not given a chance to have purchasers come to their establishment, which is located at the Scarborough Market”, due to illegal vendors setting up shop at random locations in Scarborough.

“We will ensure that we put everything in place to avoid such illegal vending occurring in the capital,” Adams said.

“There is also the 1.5 mile radius that we have to adhere to,” Adams said according to Country Market law. There should be no illegal vending within a1.5 mile radius of the market. The Country Market law does express that you are illegal if you are vending within that 1.5 mile radius.”

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