Ten new play parks for Tobago

Ten new Children’s Play Parks will be constructed around the island by the Tobago House of Assembly’s Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment.

Agriculture Secretary Assemblyman Godwin Adams made the disclosure on Tuesday night, (May 24) in response to a villager’s query at the latest installment of the THA Face to Face Community Meeting Series, which took place at the Bethel Community Centre, in the Bethel/Mt Irvine electoral district.

Bethel resident Yvette Neptune stated that the children in her village need a space for healthy, positive activities.

Adams said the programme to construct the parks would resume once he receives budgetary approval.

The meeting was the eighth stop in the community meeting series for 2016, which allows villagers to raise their problems, recommendations and get an update of developmental works in their area.

Another resident, Allister James of Providence Road in Riseland, complained that some workers on public projects are often seen inactive while waiting on material for public projects. Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Councillor Gary Melville says this sometimes happens on projects because of difficulties in obtaining the material from its sources. He said the Division is working to solve its procurement issues so that projects can be completed on schedule.

Another villager Phyllis Bruce-Cuffy complained about the rough road surface that’s left once WASA completes its pipe laying projects. She suggested that it should use the sides of the roads for projects.

Melville commended Cuffy for her suggestion and said the Assembly and WASA have agreed that the Division will carry out the road repairs at the end of a project.

Nicole Pierre appealed for a new venue for the Bethel Police Youth Club, as the previous building is currently unavailable. Secretary of Education Youth Affairs and Sport Assemblyman Huey Cadette says the occupations safety and health issues with the present building are being resolved, and assured residents the facility will ready by July.

Retired Infrastructure Division worker Mary Toby lamented the long wait for Assembly pensioners to receive their monthly payments. Chief Secretary Orville London, who chaired the meeting, said a committee is currently looking at ways to speed up those payments. That committee is headed by Chief Administrator Raye Sandy.

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