Taste of Tobago
These two performers display a cultural dance at the Tobago Roadshow (May 23).

The Tobago Road Show at Trincity Mall in Trinidad last week (May 23-25) gave businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services in the sister isle.

And, according to Secretary of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Marslyn Melville-Jack, it also brought Trinidad a taste of Tobago.

During the Road Show, 24 entrepreneurs and four companies from Tobago hosted booths at the event. They exhibited a wide range of products, including local teas, confectionaries, skincare products, fashions, handbags.

The event was also marked by cultural shows twice per day.

Also attending were representatives from the Tobago Tourism Agency, the Festivals Commission, Crown Point Beach Hotel, and Inez Investments.

“Our objectives are really clear and we would like to increase the awareness of market-ready businesses in Tobago,” the Community Development Secretary said. “We would also like to tap into the Trinidad market because we are aware that in Tobago, there are just about 60,000 persons, whereas in Trinidad, we have a ready-market of 1.3 million.”

Melville-Jack said the Division would like Tobago entrepreneurs to forge more sustainable business partnerships with manufacturers in Trinidad. She also wants to leave a good impression of the island to fellow nationals.

“Our expectation is that we will introduce the residents of Trinidad and visitors alike, to experience the warmth, and creativity of our people,” Melville-Jack said.

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