Stepping Up Supply

Tobago’s water supply is set to be significantly increase within a year.

This followed the decision to begin upgrades to the Hillsborough Dam at Mt. St George. The dam was commissioned back in 1952. It has been the major source of pipe-borne water for the island since, with the largest water storage capacity on the island.

But in recent years, the dam has been storing 30 per cent below its intended capacity—220 million gallons of water.

Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte and Secretary of Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities Clarence Jacob met with the Water and Sewerage Authority’s (WASA) CEO Dr. Ellis Burris and a team of WASA executives at the Hillsborough Dam on Monday (November 19).

A timeline of two years was proposed for the upgrades to be conducted.

Minister Le Hunte said the Government is committed to funding the project at an estimated $150 million. Upon completion, the dam’s water storage capacity for Tobago will increase by up to 70 million gallons.

“The project will take about two years for its full benefits to be achieved,” Le Hunte said. “However, significant benefits will start to accrue to Tobago by the end of 2019 and into 2020. We can expect incremental benefits along the way in improving the island’s water supply.”

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