Solving Parking Issues

Findings for Tobago’s most recent parking and traffic study will be public knowledge when the results are determined. This according to Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes. During last week’s post Executive Council media briefing, the Secretary said his Division was looking to modernize and upgrade parking facilities in Scarborough and Crown Point.

“The findings have been submitted to the Division and the contractor Caribbean Transportation Consultancy Services Company Limited (CARITRANS), they have completed the job and they’ve submitted it for our review,” Des Vignes said.

He said following a review from the Division, a press conference will be held to formally release the data.

“This data will be very important,” he said, adding “We don’t want to do things by guess, so this study’s going to guide the way forward.”

The Infrastructure Secretary indicated the study should help resolve issues of parking on the island and resolutions will be looked at including a multistory carpark and paid street parking.

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