Secretary urges stronger Tobago ILO input

Tobago requires more input in the formulation of policies and input on conventions at the national level for the annual International Labour Conference.

This was an anomaly that Secretary of the Division of Settlements and Labour Deon Isaac sort to address last week – June 1st to 4th – during his participation at the International Labour Organisation’s 104th session in Geneva, Switzerland. Secretary Isaac noted the importance of a Tobago perspective in the Trinidad and Tobago position at the annual conference. As such he intends to ensure the technocrats of the Labour Division participate in 2016.

Describing the trip as exploratory, Secretary Isaac took the opportunity to further network with his Trinidad and Tobago counterparts of the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro-Enterprises as well as Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland His Excellency John Sandy.

The ILO Conference meets in June annually to craft and adopt conventions and recommendations that impact workers, employers and governments globally. The unique tripartite structure of the ILO gives an equal voice to each member to ensure that the views of the social partners are closely reflected in labour standards and in shaping policies and programmes.

The session which began on 1st June and ends on 13th June has been focusing on current labour market trends, the perspective for 2015 and 2016 and the challenges faced by those in charge of policy-making. The delegates will also receive updated information on the preparations of the United Nations post-2015 development programmes, decent work and the help of the ILO through national programs.

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