Screening Begins For Trade Convention Hopefuls

Eleven spots are open for Tobago entrepreneurs seeking to participate in this year’s Trade and Investment Convention (TIC).

The Convention is hosted annually at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, Trinidad. This year, it will run from July 4-7. It gives local, regional and international businesses a chance to exhibit their goods and services, network, forge partnerships and conduct trade.

The THA’s Division of Finance and the Economy will take a group of Tobago entrepreneurs to the Convention. Sector development officer in the Finance Division, Sandra Atkins-Richardson, said screening has already begun to select the participants.

“We will be having three training sessions with [applicants],” Atkins-Richardson said, “and coming out of that we are hoping that some of them would decide that they are not ready for the trade fair, and we have a committee that would sit and eliminate as we go along.”

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