Safety Comes First

The installation of delineators along Post Office Street and Garden Side Street in Scarborough was imperative to public safety according to Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment, Kwesi Des Vignes.

“You would notice that there are two solid lines in the middle of the streets…you would know that means you’re not supposed to cross those lines. The delineators are really there to assist the public in not breaking the law,” he said. The Infrastructure Secretary told members of the media that it was a necessary addition to Post Office Street.

He added that more is planned for ensuring safety in Scarborough.

“The delineators are going to be extended further along Garden Side Street. They are going to be extended as far as the North Side Connector as a matter of fact, to ensure that persons stay within the lanes as much as possible,” he said.

The Infrastructure Secretary said this step was being taken based upon public outcries regarding the actions of some drivers on the island’s busy roadway

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