Road resurfacing programme to cost $63 million

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) will embark on a $63M road resurfacing programme from the end of this month (January) throughout Tobago.

During last Wednesday’s (January 20) post Executive Council media briefing at the Administrative Complex, Calder Hall, Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU) Gary Melville announced that sections of the Windward Road from John Dial to Mt St George, and between Goodwood and Pembroke, are the first areas earmarked to be resurfaced.

“The Division would also focus on road repairs and maintenance throughout the island,” Melville stated.

The Secretary also said the DIPU been in talks with representatives of the National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW) in an effort to increase productivity of the Division’s daily paid workers.

Melville also touched on the work the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has been doing between Goodwood and Pembroke, as well as Mt St George and Hope, to improve the water supply to residents.

The Division, he said, has agreed to fund storage tanks and pumps while work is being done in the area. He also assured residents of Hermitage in northeast of the island that they will soon have a regular water supply.

Melville said the Division has not yet fulfilled its promise to deliver the Roxborough By-Pass Road but this would be done before Carnival through the acquisition of one Baily Bridge from the Ministry of Works and Transport in Trinidad.

“The Division has a commitment to ensure that road is delivered and we have commissioned E-IDCOT to source two Bailey Bridges to enable access across the Roxborough River on the by-pass road from Lamy to Station Road,” he said.

To facilitate J’Ouvert and the parade of the bands for Roxborough’s Carnival celebrations, the Division, has acquired the bridge as a temporary solution to allow revellers to use the Windward Road unhindered. The bridge will be installed by month’s end.

The Division, according to the Secretary, will also be installing at least 250 street lights across the island. Areas along the Northside Road in the Moriah and Castara, and sections of the Orange Hill Road and Orange Hill Trace, Roxborough/Bloody Bay Road, Lambeau and Auchenskeoch will benefit from this programme. Roads in Patience Hill and Signal, Charlotteville and Delaford will also be lit.

Melville said funding for street lighting has always been a challenge for the Division because of the associated electricity fee.

“This will cost $1.8 million but with the limited resources we will have to meet the bill in 2016,” he said.

The Division is also consulting with the Ministry of Works and Transport on plans to increase the number of maxi-taxis in Tobago to alleviate the island’s public transport woes.

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