Review for HIV Cases

An oversight committee is being established to review the number of new HIV cases in Tobago.

Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development Dr. Agatha Carrington said this committee is aimed at reducing the numbers. The Chief Secretary will appoint the new committee.

“As you have the NACC (National AIDS Coordination Committee) in Trinidad, we have the TACC in Tobago that is coming out of the Office of the Chief Secretary and [Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles] is expected to make those appointments shortly,” Dr. Carrington said.

A review of the current HIV cases has been conducted at the health promotion clinic to ensure there are sufficient resources for the clinic to operate efficiently.

“Do we have the numbers of staff required, the skills that are necessary to ensure that is happening [are the questions we’re trying to answer],” the Health Secretary added. “And so we have been doing some reviews and ensuring that we provide the support required for the staff.”

Dr. Carrington said drugs for HIV patients are available as the Division is working to ensure these patients can have the best possible quality of life.

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