Residents Assured: Health Care Priority

Tobagonians can continue to access care at the Scarborough General Hospital with the confidence that their health and wellbeing will continue to be treated as paramount.

Despite challenges with its CT scan and X-ray machines, the Scarborough General Hospital will continue to provide quality health care to Tobagonians.

The Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) is providing this assurance, as it reported that these two key machines are experiencing malfunctions. However, TRHA technicians are working to resolve the problems.

In the meantime, urgent cases that require CT scans are being outsourced. And patients who need urgent X-rays will have priority service from a portable X-ray machine stationed at the Scarborough General Hospital.

The Authority added: “…In cases where urgent care is required but cannot be provided at the [Scarborough General Hospital], the Authority facilitates and covers the cost of accommodating such clients at other health institutions.”

The authority is also advising that it is now able to conduct biomedical tests once again. There was a shortage of reagents to conduct the tests but the reagents have been restocked, and an additional stock is expected to arrive in the coming days.

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