Renewable Energy Education Project Comes to Tobago

Sustain T&T partnered with the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP) Secretariat, to conduct a Renewable Energy Education Project at Speyside High School on Friday 13th March, 2015.

The project, which is sponsored by the German Embassy, Port of Spain, is the first project of its kind to be conducted in a Secondary School in Tobago but it is the last of a series hosted by Sustain T&T, in which three other Secondary Schools in Trinidad benefitted from the project.

Sustain T&T is a non-governmental organization dedicated to education, information exchange and the promotion of sustainable living and industry. Its activities include workshops, seminars, film production and the Green Screen Environmental Film Series, now entering its fifth year, which shows free movies on climate change, conservation and alternative energy around the country.

Schools participating in the Renewable Energy Education Project receive renewable energy kits, including a mini solar panel, a mini fuel cell and wind turbine. Students design their own solar ovens and show what they have learned in open house sessions where their families and /or communities are invited. The school with the best oven project will win a prize.

The CEDP Secretariat, which is charged with the mandate of overseeing the implementation of CEDP 2.0, partnered with Sustain T&T on Day two (2) of the project and conducted an interactive “Act, Draw, Describe” game with the students. This fun and exciting game, which the enthusiastic students enjoyed, concentrated on educating the students about sustainable development, with concentration on the threats to the economy, environment and society and the preventative measures/solutions.

The CEDP, which will introduce its new branding in the coming weeks, is pleased to have partnered with Sustain T&T to promote renewable energy and sustainable development in Tobago and commits to cooperating with Organizations such as Sustain T&T for the benefit of Tobago.

Sustain T&T is grateful for the support of Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP) Secretariat, as it continues its educational outreach to the younger generation of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

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