Promoting Tobago Online
German Travel Blogger, Benjamin Bindewald, films a vlog at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) partnered with the Thomas Cook Group to promote the direct Condor service from Frankfurt, Germany to Tobago. This was done via a familiarization trip with well-known travel blogger Benjamin ‘Benny’ Bindewald from August 13-20.

TTAL partnered with the Thomas Cook Group to create content for the island on the YouTube series “Boarding with Benny.” There will also be Tobago-centric content on other social media platforms.

“Boarding with Benny” uses its digital platform to help agents better market travel destinations. The aim is that it will also increase the visibility of destination Tobago in the digital travel and tourism environment. The marketing project was done in collaboration with Ted Sunshine Tours, Incoming Tour Operator/Ground Handler for Thomas Cook’s clients to Tobago.

Owner Ted Greig said, “Based on the feedback that we have gotten from the reach of persons looking at his YouTube channel [Boarding with Benny], and reading the responses on where he has been to, statistically we have seen an increase in visitors to those destinations.”

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