Primary Assessments To Help In Raising Problem Solvers

Many primary school students are capable of math comprehension, but not the required analysis.

THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles said this is one of the main weaknesses discovered during the first assessment of standard one to standard three students, done earlier this year.

“That is a shortcoming because in respect of what is referred to as the taxonomy of learning objectives. The higher order levels of thinking, we must teach those as well and prepare students for those, because that is the only way you become problem solvers,” Charles said.

Charles believes this is the only way these students can become problem solvers, and be able to apply their knowledge to life situations.

“We believe that over time, our students will be better prepared, in respect of some of these national exams,” he said as the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy continues to implement programmes to strengthen the basic skillsets of students.

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