Primary Assessment

Students from Standards One to Three will be assessed to get a better understanding of how they’re performing, and where there’s room for improvement.

A similar review was conducted last year. Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, who is also the Secretary of the Education, Innovation and Energy, said the assessment provided key information. He revealed that another assessment will be conducted in September.

“The simple fact of the matter is, this issue of numeracy and literacy I am taking very, very seriously, and the Division will do all that it is empowered to do with whatever resources it has available to it to give our students the best possible chance,” Charles said.

The Chief Secretary said the Division is also looking at creating an accelerated learning programme for students from Standards Three to Five.

“It is to provide additional opportunities for those students who demonstrate the capacity and the capability to be accelerated.”

Charles said the selection of students to be assessed for this programme will be voluntary.

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