NorthEast Re-Afforestation Programme Coming

“Moving forward for environmental action.”

That’s the idea Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes is seeking to reinforce in Tobago, with the aim of keeping the island clean, green, safe, and serene.

The Division has been spearheading initiatives to raise awareness about protecting the environment. These include islandwide beach cleanups and last week’s Tobago Environmental Partnership Conference at the Mt Irvine Bay Resort.

During last week’s (May 15) post-Executive Council media briefing, he said Tobago is set to introduce a re-afforestation programme on the island. Des Vignes said the initiative will help protect the north-eastern side of the island from coastal erosion.

“There are plans to plant some 2,500 trees along the coastline in Tobago at different beaches in Tobago, as we seek to really stabilise the sand and ensure that we use green methods to protect against coastal erosion caused by rising sea levels,” he said.

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