No services to be outsourced at Scarborough General Hospital

No services at the Scarborough General Hospital will be outsourced.

THA Chief Secretary Orville London gave this assurance in response to claims by hospital’s kitchen workers and their union representatives that that their functions would be outsourced beginning February 1, 2016.

“Under my watch no services at the TRHA will be outsourced under those circumstances and no worker will be sacrificed in a manner to give any advantages to anybody,” London told Wednesday’s weekly post Executive Council media briefing at the Calder Hall Administrative Complex. “So basically I am not aware and the Secretary has indicated that the members of the board have given no such instruction. No instruction has been given to outsource any service at the hospital.”

The Chief Secretary urged the workers to “trust the process” instead of creating “additional challenges” for themselves.

“The perceived challenges are not real challenges and therefore there is no need to make any fuss about that, but do not in your effort to deal with any challenges that do not exist create real challenges for yourself,” London advised. “That is my caution to them but I give them the assurance that while I am in this seat on my watch these things have not happened and will not happen.”

“Those things have not happened and will not happen,” he stressed.

Speaking on the many reports coming out of the hospital in recent weeks, the Chief Secretary said he has asked the Secretary of Health and Social Services for a “full report” on the issues raised in the public domain and other areas.

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