New World Screwworm

The Division of Food Production, Forestry, and Fisheries held a workshop on July 25, 2019 at the Blenheim Sheep Multiplication and Research Project Conference Room.

A presentation was made by representatives of the United States Department of Agriculture to key technical personnel of the Division and stakeholders.

The Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture is conducting an important study on the genetics of the New World screwworm (NWS) populations in the Caribbean Region as research has shown established cases of myiasis by NWS are known to affect humans as well as livestock.

“In Trinidad and Tobago, annual losses related to surveillance and medication alone were estimated to be USD1.02 million in the 1980’s. As such, during their visit to Trinidad and Tobago, the Agriculture Research Service will obtain NWS samples for genotyping by sequencing analysis at the laboratory in Kerrville, Texas,” a media release stated.

The results of the study should lead to improved identification, control techniques and methods for strains of the NWS.