More Housing Options Underway

The Division of Settlements, Urban Renewal, and Public Utilities continues to work to increase Tobago’s residential housing stock options through its Expansion Programme.

Secretary of the Division, Clarence Jacob, recently indicated that an expansion project for service lots is a priority and lots will be available at the Courland Housing Development and the Belle Garden Phase 2 Housing Development.

“At Belle Garden, we are able to develop 45 lots. The construction of the sewer treatment plant has begun at this land development along with other infrastructural works, which are expected to be completed at the end of fiscal 2018/ 2019 [September],” he said.

Jacob said his Division has developed 116 lots at the Courland Housing Development site and ongoing road and paving works were sixty-five percent complete.

In addition, “The sewer treatment plant is ninety-five percent complete, while remaining works includes paving of the surrounding road, which is expected to be completed within a four-week period,” he said.

Other projects are earmarked for the island’s growing housing demands and to develop Tobago’s housing stock. The Settlements Secretary said the new projects identified include housing development projects at Riseland, Carnbee and Adelphi, Mason Hall.

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