Level II Certification

Level II certification is now available for technical vocational skills in Tobago.

Fifty-six people earned their Level I qualification this year through the Construction Certification Training Programme and became certified in carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical installation.

THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles said this means they can practice their trade under supervision.

“It is a certification they can use in the Caribbean if they travel, so that’s a positive. We have decided that we will move to another phase, which is the Level II, to begin in September of this year,” he said.

The graduates, as well as other skilled workers meeting set requirements, will be able to enroll in the upcoming programme. Charles, who is also Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy, said he expected the construction sector activity in Tobago to ramp up.

“We don’t want a situation where we can’t supply the demand for skilled labour, and therefore, have to allow labour from outside of Tobago to come to take these jobs,” he said.

Registration for the programme is free, and applicants can register at the Education Division at Dutch Fort, the Roxborough Trade Centre or the MIC Institute of Technology in Canaan.

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