Infrastructure Secretary wants speed limit raised on highway

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU) is recommending that the speed limit be raised on the Claude Noel Highway.

During yesterday’s (September 14) post Executive Council media briefing at the Administrative Complex, Calder Hall, DIPU Secretary Gary Melville said his Division has been fielding public concerns about the maximum speed limit in Tobago, which is 50 kilometres per hour.

This, Melville said, prompted the Division to examine the issue.

“Officials in the THA were taking a look at the existing speed limits in Tobago, particularly on the Claude Noel Highway, because we do get complaints from the traveling public that the existing legal speed limit is too low,” Melville said.

Melville said DIPU officials have noted the “best practices on transport engineering” and will recommend to the Ministry of Works and Transport “that the speed limit on the Claude Noel Highway be raised.”

The Secretary said further engineering studies will have to be conducted to “scientifically determine what the exact speed limit should be.”

“We’re only talking about the Claude Noel Highway, since we believe that the other roadways in Tobago, we should maintain the current speed limits, given that they’re mostly built-up areas where you have commercial and residential activities operating along the roadway,” Melville said.

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