Hunters urged to follow the law

Hunters in Tobago are being reminded to “observe the law” to ensure the sustainability of wildlife animals is not threatened.

Secretary of the Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment (DAMME) Godwin Adams stressed that the hunting season is over, and said the law will be enforce to deter illegal hunting. He is asking hunters to cooperate with game wardens and forestry officers.

“The hunting season runs from October 1 to the end of February each year,” Adams said during the weekly Post Executive Council media briefing at the Calder Hall Administrative Complex.

He added: “All hunters are reminded that they must return their permits and mandatory data forms by the end of May 2016 to avoid a fine.”

Adams said hunters and the wider public should have disposed of all wild meat in their possession by March 31.

The past hunting season was the first since a two-year national hunting ban, and saw over 100 applications for hunting licenses received by the Forestry Department.

The Secretary said: “This has shown to be a vast increase over the past years. It was also observed that more young people are getting into wildlife hunting.”

Adams said DAMME has increased the number and frequency of patrols during the close of the hunting season to “enforce the conservation of [the] Wildlife Act and to ensure illegal hunting is minimised or prevented.”

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