Highway On Time

Delivering quality works for the people of Tobago involves efficient management of the THA’s finances.

That’s according to Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Kwesi Des Vignes, who said the island’s budgetary allocation for restoration of the Claude Noel Highway is $7 million for the current fiscal year.

He said the actual cost of the project is $35 million before VAT (Value Added Tax), which means funds had to be allocated from other areas.

“It means that if we only receive $7 million in that particular vote, we have to transfer funds from other areas within the Division or from the Assembly to ensure that these critical projects are completed,” he said.

The Infrastructure Secretary said there are set criteria for how resources are allotted.

Aside from the highway restoration, there are other a few other works to be completed.

“We will be also at the start of the project include what we call slip lanes or merging lanes at the major intersections at Wilson Road and Rockley Vale,” Des Vignes said. “The work on these slip lanes will begin in three weeks’ time.”

He said the highway project is both within deadline and budget.

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