Higher Standards

One of Tobago’s main goals in developing its tourism product is ensuring the island can consistently live up to international standards.

This is the basis for the ongoing Tourism Product Audit by the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL), with the first phase being completed recently. The audit is identifying and analysing the island’s tourism offerings to determine their strengths, gaps, and opportunities to make the destination more attractive.

The Agency, via media release (May 13), said it focused on the island’s hotels and guest houses.

“This first phase… included a database review, direct engagement with service providers, and the collection of data through a tourism industry registry,” the release stated.

The audit revealed the island has a minimum 3,700 rooms offered by 580 properties. These include large hotels and villas, small properties offering bed and breakfast services, and self-catering establishments.

TTAL CEO Louis Lewis said now that the first phase of the audit was finished, the agency was “now in a better position” to work with accommodation associations and tourism property owners to bring their offerings in line with potential market demand.

“We intend to take a developmental and collaborative approach with our stakeholders to close the gaps identified in the Audit, and attain greater market alignment with competitive marketing strategies,” Lewis said.

A major goal for the Agency is to help property owners achieve tourism standards certification. This is being done in collaboration with the Bureau of Standards through the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Certification (TTTIC) programme.

The next step of the audit will focus on other key areas of the tourism industry, including sites and attractions, events and festivals, and natural resources.

The research will inform a more detailed plan and strategy for improving Tobago’s tourism.

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