Happy International Women’s Day 2019

Message From Hon. Kelvin Charles, Chief Secretary, Tobago House of Assembly

On this special day, I pay recognition and honour to all women in Tobago, our nation and the world, as we pause to celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the struggles, achievements and accomplishments of women everywhere.

As a husband and father, I recognize that the role of a woman should never be undermined, undervalued or go unrecognized.  Many of our women continue to perform otherwise insurmountable tasks with class and sophistication, simply because they refuse to give up and their determination allows them to overcome the barriers and ceilings before them, so that they can in fact, conquer the unconquerable.

I believe that one of the greatest struggles for women has been the achievement of balance.  However, as you celebrate with this year’s theme, ‘Balance for Better’, I trust that you will continue to aspire to achieve balance in every area of your lives.  For as you achieve the levels of balance that you desire, I believe that our homes, our families, our organizations and our world will reap the rewards and benefits, derived from your success in this area of your lives.

To all women, I encourage you to continue striving for balance in your quest to be better.


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