Graduates, Tutors, Show Skills Training Impact

The creativity and quality displayed in the products of recent graduates of the Vocational Skills Programme bears testimony to the versatility of the graduates.

This is according to Secretary of Community, Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Marslyn Melville-Jack, who said it also highlights the skills of the tutors.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our tutors, who continue to provide the kind of excellent service to the trainees on a regular basis,” the Community Development Secretary said at last week’s (October 31) post Executive Council media briefing.

Melville-Jack said the next cycle of the programme will begin in January 2019, and the new cohort will have a wider selection of new and improved courses. Some of those courses will also be CVQ certified.

“We anticipate that in the near future, graduates from these programmes will use their acquired skills to supplement their household income or to take their passion to the next level in becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs,” she stated.

Melville-Jack said the Division’s aim is to encourage graduates to become successful entrepreneurs in their own communities.

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