Easter Greetings From Chief Secretary Hon. Farley Chavez Augustine

Easter continues to give Tobago a piece of its soul and identity. In fact, much of the international face of our island has been carved by the features and traditions celebrated around this time. For most Tobagonians, it is a sacred season of church and community.

The unprecedented two-year lull of seasonal activities has presented us with a unique opportunity to reimagine and refine the product that we sell to the world. And so, similar to Christ’s journey to Calvary, which forms the basis of the Easter story—the pain endured has birthed a new beginning.

This year, we start again with ‘A Taste of Buccoo’, which is sure to rouse the appetite of those in attendance. This event will also provide our visitors with a sample of the Easter experience here in Tobago. Although smaller than what we have grown accustomed to, it still promises to pack an exhilarating punch.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, who have just concluded the Lenten season, now is the time for us to praise and rejoice. Now, is the time to remember that we serve a living and mighty God who could not be bounded by death or the grave. His miraculous victory remains the constant source of our power and strength throughout this journey of life.

We have kept the faith over the past two years and soon we will hear the church choirs belt out their favourite Easter hymns once more. The starting gates are also ready for some goat action.

And once more, we will fellowship and commune with one another like we did before but ensuring we do so safely and responsibly.

On behalf of the Tobago House of Assembly and my family, I want to wish the entire island and nation a safe and reflective Easter! I have also elicited the help of a few special persons to wish you all a blessed and wonderful Easter season!