Critical Presence

THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles’s attendance at the 2018 World Travel Market was instrumental in securing opportunities for the island.

This is according to Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation Nadine Stewart-Phillips, who said Charles was “pivotal” in negotiations for airline partnerships.

“The Chief Secretary’s presence at the World Travel Market definitely signaled to our trade and industry partners internationally, that we are serious about our tourism efforts,” the Tourism Secretary said.

Stewart-Phillips said the Chief Secretary was also able to make key decisions while in the UK, rather than THA representatives waiting until they returned to Tobago to receive approval to move forward.

“That level of confidence was restored in most of our discussions, as assurances were given then and there,” Stewart-Phillips said, adding that tourism representatives “would usually have to come back and [seek] the approval of the Executive Council” before coming to a final agreement.

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