‘Cool Kids’ Urged to be Innovative

Sixty smiling children in the Cool Kids Camp were thrilled to receive a visit from Secretary of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Marslyn Melville-Jack, yesterday (July 17) at the Glamorgan Community Centre.

The youngsters used the opportunity to demonstrate the cha-cha slide dance and showed off the lettuce plants they’re growing.

The camp is teaching participants a range of skills, and also features interactive sessions where campers can have fun and learn positive principles, such as showing others respect.

Melville-Jack urged the youngsters to create and find their own way of doing things.

“Be outstanding. Be excellent at whatever you can do,” she said.

The acronym C.O.O.L. means Creative, Outspoken, Outstanding and Loving, which are the attributes which the children are being encouraged to adopt.

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